Welcome to Product Sourcing 101!

Welcome to Product Sourcing 101!


This site offers a large DIRECTORY of Wholesalers, Distributors, Importers, Drop shippers, and Manufacturers.

Product Sourcing 101 is a community of buyers and sellers who source, learn, share, and network collectively. Our site contains helpful sourcing information, tools, and resources to help your business grow.  Be sure to join our PRODUCT SOURCING 101 FACEBOOK GROUP for additional resources and networking opportunities.

We also offer a WHOLESALE MARKETPLACE where buyers can purchase limited quantities of merchandise being liquidated for pennies on the dollar. We connect buyers and sellers who negotiate their own terms. If you have bulk quantities of merchandise that you would like to liquidate, consider a PS101 MARKETPLACE LISTING.

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Read over 300+ actual purchase reviews from wholesale buyers from across the country! When purchase reviews are published with the Product Sourcing 101 Facebook Group each review is collected and added to our database. PS101 Premium Members are able to access the the complete database.

A+ A+ Experience

I bought my first pallet there, they were polite, professional and taxing. When I was there all the pallets seemed like “re-pallets”. Not enough meat on the bone. I have a video showing its contents. But every item in my pallet was good for flipping at the price. 100% long tail items. All the stuff that is currently on….

So happy I made a video!

Hi everyone! I ordered an HBA lot from them last week and it is going great so far! Sorry, my video isn’t the best, so I hope you can hear me in it! I definitely recommend this company…

Waste of Money!

I was reluctant to make a purchase, but finally decided to take a chance on this company. I ordered a pallet of shelf pull clothing, but when it arrived

Not at all happy

I was not impressed. I am attaching some photos so you can try to get an idea of what the pallets looked like. I will also say that I told Frank that I was not impressed at first glance and he did apologize, for whatever that is worth, and he did offer to sell me my next order at “cost.” I didn’t follow up because….

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Resale Certificates — Do I Need One?

Resale Certificates — Do I Need One?

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Use Technology to Maximize Flea Market Sales

Use Technology to Maximize Flea Market Sales

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