The Amazon buy box is the holy grail of Amazon sellers. Getting your product in the buy box can instantly boost sales, and losing your position there can be instantly seen in sales declines. We’re going to break down what the Buy Box is, and how you can increase your chances of seeing your products there.

The buy box is on every product page on the Amazon website. It is the box on the right-hand side of the page where customers can click ‘add to cart’. There is always one top offer from a seller, and sometimes one to four other offers from other sellers listed lower in the box, each with an ‘Add to Cart’ button next to each. As you have likely already discerned, the top position is of course the most valuable, but the positions down below can cause a spike in sales as well. Buyers can click through to ‘other sellers on Amazon’, but let’s face it — most online shoppers are busy, and speed is almost as important as price, so most will click on one of the items available on the front page. Obviously, if you are the only seller offering a particular product on Amazon, the Buy Box will not be important to you right now, but it is wise to learn how to optimize your items for it, or you will find yourself scrambling when competition appears.

How to Win the Buy Box

Now that you understand what the Buy Box is, I’m sure you realize how important it can be to the success of your Amazon FBA business. Below are some tips to help you gain a position in the coveted Buy Box.

  • Keep up feedback scores. Amazon isn’t going to you if they aren’t sure you are going to represent them well. Address customer complaints quickly to help keep a high star rating.
  • Price competitively. Pricing isn’t everything, but customers love a deal, so it does play a large role in who gets in the box. Keep a check on your competition and keep your prices as competitive as possible without cutting too much into your profits.
  • Ship smart. Buyers want their products fast, and Amazon is well aware of this. Keep careful track of your stock so that you can ship as quickly as possible. Efficiency is key, especially where Prime is concerned. Additionally, you should consider adding package tracking so that your customers never have to wonder where their order is.
  • Minimize order defects. Your Order Defect Rate, which is determined by a combination of customer feedback, charge-back, and customer claims, is the number one determinant of who makes it into the Buy Box. If your Order Defect Rate hits 1% of your orders, you will automatically be disqualified from entry into the Buy Box. Work to avoid mistakes on orders, ship quickly, and address any customer complaints about product defects or quality to keep your Order Defect Rate as low as possible.