Having great photographs on Amazon is essential. It affects not only how you rank in search, but also how likely a customer is to take a chance on your product once they’re on the product page. While people are more comfortable now than ever with purchasing online, they still like to know exactly what they’re getting, a good product photo allows them to do that.

Professional Quality

All Amazon photos must be professional quality. This means that they must be well-lit and taken with a high-quality camera — no, your iPhone camera isn’t going to cut it. If you don’t have a camera able to take high-resolution photographs, you may want to consider using a service such as Products On White Photography for your needs.

If you decide to go with a photography service, be sure to make note of how long they’ve been in business, and read any available reviews about their services. Take the time to look through their portfolio so you can be sure you’re getting quality work for what you’re paying. Look for products similar to yours so that you can get an idea about how your product photos might turn out. Finally, take the time to speak with the photographer. You’re investing money and products in these photo sessions, so the photographer should be willing to be communicative throughout the process and have a firm timeline so you know when you can expect your photos.

DIY Photo Requirements

If you do decide to take your own photos, keep the following things in mind:

  • Amazon’s maximum size on the longest side is 1500 pixels, but ideally the resolution will be higher than that, especially if you’re using these same photos for packaging or advertising. No worries! Amazon will automatically scale your images down for you when you upload them.
  • The main product photo must be on a white background.
  • Drawings or illustrations are not permitted.
  • The product should fill at least 85% of the frame
  • No graphics, text, or images can be inset into the main image. This includes phrases like ‘Money Back Guarantee!’ or ‘Energy Star Approved!’.

How Many Photos?

Sadly, there’s no magic number to tell you how many photos you need. Your answer will depend on a number of variables. How big is it? Can it all fit in one photo with the features clearly visible? Are there small parts that customers might want closer photos of? Is the product something that would benefit from being seen ‘in use’, like a kitchen appliance? Keep in mind that while only the first photo has to be on a white background, it is recommended to keep the backgrounds on every photo simple, so that the eye is always focused on the item you are trying to sell.

Having a great image on each of your products can increase both your click-throughs and your conversion rate — both of which can increase your rankings in Amazon’s search results. Take the time to do your images right, and you’ll reap the benefits.