OFFPRICE is a top trade show to visit for anyone looking for wholesale apparel, accessories, or footwear. Held in Las Vegas during Fashion Week (from August 13 to 16), the trade show hosts hundreds of vendors, all selling brand new clothing sourced from overruns, canceled orders, and forecasting mistakes. By attending, you’ll be able to take advantage of some serious discounts on bulk orders.

Why Attend?

It is often a struggle for business owners to find enough quality merchandise to keep their retail businesses profitable. Trade shows are always an excellent option, as you can meet numerous sellers under one roof. At OFFPRICE, you’ll have the chance to pick up all types of clothing at resale discounts ranging from 20 to 70 percent of the wholesale price.

What You’ll Find

Across the more 1,300 booths, you’ll meet retailers offering clothes from major labels to non-brands and everything in between. With more than 500 vendors, OFFPRICE is the largest wholesale apparel trade show in the country. Check out the exhibitor list to see who will be attending. Then, use this floor plan to work out a route that will allow you to reach every one of the vendors offering merchandise that suits your business.

How OFFPRICE Will Benefit Your Business

Other than the opportunity to gain perfect products for your business at big discounts, there are a number of benefits to attending OFFPRICE:

  • Learn about trends. By seeing what apparel is for sale, you’ll have a better idea of current trends — what’s popular and what style of clothes are fading out of the picture.
  • Meet vendors from around the country and view their unique offerings, many of which may be useful to your business over the long term. Create contacts for long-lasting business opportunities.
  • Take advantage of in-person communication. You can build business relationships faster and come to clear agreements more easily by talking to vendors in person rather than over the phone or via email. Plus, by seeing a vendor in action, you can be sure the business is legitimate — often a cause for concern when researching online.
  • View products before you buy. At OFFPRICE, there’s no need to rely on product descriptions; you can inspect vendors’ merchandise before you decide who to source for your business.

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to expand your business and increase your profits. To attend OFFPRICE in Las Vegas this August, be sure to register in advance to secure your spot.