Author: robcyr49

Jet: The New Amazon?

Ebay and Amazon are long-time e-commerce giants — tried and true and likely where you’re already selling. But the world of the internet is anything but stagnant, and there’s a new kid on the block:

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Amazon or eBay: A Sellers’ Guide to Choosing the Right Site

The two most popular sites for online sellers, it would be difficult for Amazon and eBay to be more different. You can find staunch supporters of either platform, but this will bring you no closer to determining which is the better option for you. Instead, by examining what makes these two sites so different, you can decide which would better fit your requirements.

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Avoid Counterfeit Merchandise

Whether you’re selling online or at a flea market, selling counterfeit merchandise is dangerous. Not only can you end up with a poor reputation if you claim the items are legitimate, you can also end up in legal trouble.

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