Do you know what to expect when you buy your first load of salvage food? Salvage groceries are packed into banana boxes and stacked on pallets. Typically, there will be 12 banana boxes on each pallet. Banana box pallets are very heavy as they can contain Juices, can goods and other bulky food items.

There is usually no sense of order as to how salvage groceries are packed; whatever fits into the banana box is what you will receive. Obviously, canned food items will take up more space that packets of seasoning.

Pallets can come double stacked meaning one pallet on top of another. LTL (less than truckload) pallets are usually shipped in a 28-foot trailer and can hold up to 14 single stacked pallets. Make sure that the truck has a lift gate, or you will need a forklift to unload each pallet. A single 28-foot trailer will take approximately 15-20 minutes to unload with an experienced forklift driver.