Frequently Asked Questions. Here are some common questions about our community.
Why should I become a PS101 Premium Member?
The Premium PS101 Membership site is a bargain at $30.00 – this is a ONE-TIME fee that will give you access to a ton of Product sourcing benefits, but most importantly, the Supplier Review database. The database contains every single purchase review that has been published within the Product Sourcing 101 Facebook group wall. We’ve had well over 250 member purchase reviews since group inception. Premium members can now access the database to review historical purchases before making a purchase of their own. This, in itself, is well worth the $30.00 fee. It’s priceless information that you would otherwise have to scroll through almost 35,000 Facebook group posts to find. Join Now
How can I add my company to the B2B directory?
We offer annual directory listings that will bring traffic to your business, please review benefits and listing options HERE. If you are a service provider, logistics company, software developer, or offer financing, please contact us for advertising options.
What are PS101 Partners?
Our Facebook community is supported by partnerships with companies that support our mission to provide educational content within the wholesale industry. Partnership contributions help offset the cost to host, manage, and provide content within the Facebook group. In exchange for support, partners may post “For Sale” offers within the Product Sourcing 101 Facebook group. Please note: a group Partnership should not be construed as an endorsement from New Venture Media (host of the Product Sourcing website and Facebook group) to purchase or use any services offered by partnering companies. More information about current Facebook Partners.
How can I become a PS101 Partner?

Partnering with PS101 is a great way to keep a company in front of an active and engaged B2B audience. If you would like to discuss partnership options please complete our PARTNERSHIP APPLICATION

What is the PS101 Marketplace all about?
The PS101 Marketplace was designed to move unwanted bulk inventory quickly. For best results, inventory offered through the program should be priced below wholesale cost. Please follow this LINK to learn more about the program.
What is The Liquidator's Guide?
New to the Liquidation industry? Pallets and truckloads of customer returns? Do yourself a favor, invest in the Liquidator’s Guide.
I need help getting started on Amazon
Rob recommends fully endorses the Proven Amazon Course, by Jim Cockrum, for those who want to start an Amazon business.