You’ve got the right products, the right prices, and the right location — what else can you do to improve your flea market sales? We’re going to cover how a few changes to your business’s appearance can improve your sales exponentially. There are many aspects to the way every business is perceived, and a first impression is hard to overcome. Consider addressing each of the following to improve how potential customers perceive your business, which can increase the chances of them purchasing from you.


Try this exercise: come out from behind your table or cash register, and look at your stall from the front. Now try approaching it from any angle a customer might come from. What do you see? Are your wares artfully displayed, or haphazardly tossed? Do you make it easy for your customers to see everything you have to offer, or will they have to sift through piles?

Having your products displayed neatly works for some sellers. For others, they find that customers actually enjoy the ‘thrill of the hunt’ that they get when digging through bins. Decide which works for you (you may even want to try both!) and fulfill it to the best of your ability. You might consider building custom shelving or displays, or you may search online for prefabricated displays.


What is your flea market business’s name? Do your customers know what it is? Even on a small scale, brand recognition is important. A customer knowing the name of your business may be the difference in whether or not they’re able to find you on social media or remember to come looking for your stall next time they need something you sell. Investing in professional signage can help your business name be more prominent and memorable to customers. In this same vein, business cards made to match your signage can help you stay fresh in customers’ minds and make it easy for them to contact you if they decide they need to purchase something they originally passed on.

Customer Interaction

There is no denying that you, the business owner, is the most important aspect of your business’s appearance. That doesn’t mean that you need to dress in your Sunday best or pay special attention to hair and make-up, though of course you should attempt to appear clean and approachable. However, what you should pay special attention to is how welcoming you appear.

Take note of your body language as you stand in your stall — avoid crossed arms, slouching, or a lowered face. Smile at customers as they approach, and don’t be afraid to greet them if they stop by your stall. Try to stand when possible, but of course most customers will understand if you need to sit to take a break every now and then. A focus on being friendly and open to customers can make a big difference in how many people stop at your table or stall. If you hire people to help sell, be sure they are willing to be open and friendly while engaging customers.