Guest post by Freight Broker Corey Treweek

If you are buying or selling pallets of merchandise, you should be very concerned about freight costs. If you are a seller and your freight costs are too high, it will cut into buyer’s profits and they won’t buy from you again, or buy from another seller closer range even if your merchandise is nicer. If you are a buyer, you can do a little due diligence to make sure you are getting a good deal on your freight by comparing their freight prices with a source of your own prior to ordering.

There is a good chance that the seller either isn’t getting a good deal on their freight, or they mark up their freight as another profit center for their business, diminishing your profits. A pallet buyer made a post on a Facebook group a while ago that I dug up. The group had over 3,000 Wholesaler members, and he asked if $600 was too high for a couple pallets that weigh less than 200 lbs. There were quite a few comments saying that sounds high, but no one really could say, except me. I ran a quote, and could have shipped it for less than HALF of that. The first pallet seller I talked to from that group did 1 quote with me, and wanted to switch to me, which means I saved him a lot of money. He ships out several pallets a day. Just because you are a big company, doesn’t mean you are getting good freight pricing. Carriers are good at making you think you do.

As a fellow pallet buyer myself, I know that buying pallets is just like buying storage units, you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes you hit the jackpot, and sometimes you break even, with the freight costs being a loss to your business. I am willing to help buyers and sellers out with some really good pricing to make sure they minimize their losses and maximize their profits. Feel free to email me if you would like help looking at your freight.

Corey Treweek