Gaining buyers at a flea market takes a special kind of marketing. Your potential customers are already physically there — most flea markets have a decent inflow of shoppers — you just have to convince them to buy. Often, this simply comes down to you having the specific items they’re looking for, but many shoppers are just wandering, and there are several factors that can play a large role in whether or not they give your stall a chance.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere – While some people come looking for a certain item they need or collect, many shoppers are coming to the flea market just for something to do — they’re there for the experience, not specifically to spend money. However, if your space at the flea market can help provide an atmosphere they enjoy, they are more likely to stop at your stall, which of course increases the chances of them buying something from you.

When considering what kind of atmosphere you want to create, keep your demographic in mind. Are your products for a young crowd? Consider playing current music and using bold colors. If you sell scented products, try for a more relaxing atmosphere. If you’re selling tech products, you may want to have some screens or lights set up. Focus on drawing in the people who are most likely to buy your products.

Don’t forget that you are part of your stall’s atmosphere! Don’t be afraid to greet customers and strike up a conversation where it’s warranted.

Engage the Senses – Creating a certain atmosphere can draw in customers, but interactive products and displays can help keep them there. If there is any way to make your products interactive, do it! Have candles lit if you sell any. Sacrifice one bottle of perfume or tube of lipstick as samples. Put some batteries in a toy you sell and have it playing music of moving to catch the eye of by-passers. Encourage customers to engage with your products in new and exciting ways. If you sell gift baskets, perhaps allow customers to build their own. Find an innovative way to make your products customizable. Let customers mix and match, touch, taste, smell, try — getting them engaged keeps them hanging around longer and more likely to spend money.

Change it Up – Most flea market shoppers are not one-time customers — they usually live nearby and are at the flea market regularly. Having good products ensures loyalty, but changing your display up periodically ensures you can keep their interest or possibly capture the attention of those who have passed you by in the past. Alter your displays, keep it interesting, and rotate your products so that different things get a moment in the spotlight at the front of the store.

Know What They Want – We know flea market shoppers want an experience, but what do they want to take home with them? Polls have shown novelty items, scented items, electronics, jewelry, apparel, and arts and crafts are what most flea market shoppers are looking for. Decide if you want to cover a spectrum of products or offer a variety, then start working on a plan to draw customers in.