Stocking your salvage food store can be frustrating as supplies of banana box groceries can be few and far between. Full truckloads do not sit very long and often when you call your salvage food supplier, a load will be gone. It is best to establish a regular schedule of purchasing and build a relationship with you supplier, so he knows you will take a load each week, every two weeks etc.

How do you find a reputable supplier, there are so many out there? Who can you trust?

Let’s look at a few steps to take when investigating a new salvage food supplier

Check references – When calling a new Salvage food supplier on the initial contact ask for references. Make sure you get full names and phone numbers of those who purchase ongoing and then call these individuals. Ask them about their experience buying Banana box grocery loads from this particular supplier. Topics you should ask about include: Quality of loads, time in transit (freight) and overall satisfaction concerning past transactions.

Visit the warehouse – If you live relatively close, you should visit a prospective salvage food supplier’s warehouse to visually inspect loads and get a feel for how their operation is run. Check for things like cleanliness and business organization. Make sure to meet the entire staff if possible. Sometimes a visit is very telling and can give you a feel for whether a business is legitimate. Sometimes a supplier will ship a load of banana box pallets direct from a reclamation center; in this case you may not have access to the warehouse.

Check for complaints online – Google the salvage food suppliers name and add the term complaints to your query. People who have been unhappy with a historical purchase might offer reviews of the suppliers’ service. This information could become valuable to you prior to a purchase!