Asking Price: $5.00 Unit / Make Offer!
MSRP: $30.00
Condition: New
FOB: Indianapolis, IN
Total Quantity: 630 Units
Minimum Order Quantity: 60 Units

Payment Methods Accepted: Venmo, Cash, Payment App, Etc.

Product Description: This is a baggie organizer. Made of black bamboo wood and durable, the organizer fits into drawers or can be mounted on the wall, in a pantry, etc. It holds sandwich, snack, quart, and gallon-size baggies.

Consolidate Your Plastic Bags | Our baggie organizer is meant to improve your life in the kitchen by making it easy to find and grab bags of all sizes out of our storage bag organizer, keeping your baggies all in one place! Compatible with All Brands | Our ziploc bag organizer is most commonly used with Ziploc bags, but can be used with other brands such as Glad, Hefty, Solimo, Aldi, and even with reusable food storage bags
Made With All Natural Wood | All of BagMe’s products are made with naturally sourced bamboo, and each bag storage organizer is inspected for quality and durability to ensure that your zip lock organizer lasts!
Believe In Us | BagMe has absolute faith in all of our products in delivering a convenient solution to organizing all of your baggies in one place within our sleek and clean ziplock bag organizer for drawer!
Bring Out Your Inner Organizer | Be the tidy king or queen of your home with our bag storage organizer for kitchen drawer, walls, or wherever you please! Our ziploc bag storage organizer makes it super accessible for both adults and kids to grab what they need.

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