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Product Description: Beauty Keratin Hair-Straightening One-Day Treatment 16oz / 500ml. 

Beauty Keratin and Protein Hair-Straightening One-Day Treatment is a keratin and protein hair system with Hydrolyzed Keratin, Collagen, vitamins, oils, minerals and natural ingredients. It straightens your hair while replenishing the condition of the hair without damaging or changing the molecular structure. It helps to restore hair to its natural state, controls hair loss and manages frizzy, weak, coarse hair. 16oz / 500ml.

Beauty Keratin and Protein Hair-Straightening One-Day Treatment is specially formulated for dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair. It restructures and rejuvenates even the most fragile hair while smoothing and eliminating frizz completely.

This amazing product heals, repairs, moisturizes, nurtures with keratin and protects damaged hair. Moreover, it eliminates frizz and curls, emits no unpleasant odors and can be used on all hair types. This natural substance gives hair the ability to return to its naturally healthy, shiny, soft state; and more than any other product, it reduces volume and allows hair to be styled easily.

Beauty Keratin Hair-Straightening One-Day Treatment eliminates frizz and revitalizes and rejuvenates hair by infusing a combination of keratin, minerals, oils, and extracts deep in the hair`s cuticle. It can be washed out after just 12 hours, and no harsh fumes or smoke is produced during the application and activation processes, making this type of keratin hair treatment safe and effective. Leaving this treatment in for 24 hours will make the results last even longer.

Beauty Keratin Acai Oil Activator Treatment 8oz / 237ml

Beauty Keratin Activator Treatment with Acai Oil opens the cuticle and enters to infuse keratin proteins and emollients into the hair. Its deep penetrating action repairs and revitalizes hair during blow drying or ironing and closes the cuticle to entrap nourishment. It will rejuvenate, protect and preserve the Beauty Keratin Hair-Straightening Treatment in your hair.


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