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Suggested Retail: $49.99 to $64.99
Condition: New
Location of Inventory: Twin Lakes, WI 
Total Available Quantity: 1,401 Units
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Units 
Payment Methods Accepted: Electronic Bank Transfer
Product Description: Clear Plastic Table Cover Protectors, various sizes

Quantity: 36″x60″ = 192 pcs, 40″x80″ = 496 pcs, 42″x60″ = 468 pcs, 42″x72″ = 113 pcs, 36″x72″ = 132 pcs

Asking: 36″x60″ = $11.00, 40″x80″ = $17.00, 42″x60″ = $13.00, 42″x72″ = $16.50, 36″x72″ = $13.00

✔ 1.5 MM: Thickness of the PVC makes the table pad heavy enough to be non-slip, and provides excellent protection against scratches, scuffs, spillages and stains

✔ LOW COST: Plastic table pads are much cheaper to replace compared to glass tops

✔ USE ON FURNITURE TOPS: Most suitable for wooden dining tables, writing desks, outdoor picnic tables, stainless steel surfaces, granite tables, TV consoles, counter tops and coffee tables

✔ USE ON FLOORS: Good as a non-slip floor mat as well, in places that you wish to keep dry such as near sinks, toilets, showers & bath tubs. Protects your carpet from both dust and spills when used as a carpet cover. See-through, water-proof sheet preserves the beauty of the design while keeping the area hygienic and odor-free

✔ HEAT & OIL RESISTANT: No worries if hot coffee or oily food spills on the table mat. However, please avoid placing hot metal pots directly on the PVC cover, kindly use a coaster.

✔ EASY UNFOLDING: Hi-tech processing method makes desk protector pad soft and easy to unfold

✔ STRAIGHT CUTTING: Cutting done by machines, ensuring straight and precise cuts.


To accommodate for shrinkage properties of the material, the table cover is shipped in a slightly bigger size. Please trim as necessary by marking the outline with a pencil, and cut using sharp scissors or knife.
Not suitable for laying directly over glass, marble, white or other smooth surfaces as air bubbles may appear. For such finishing, we recommend placing a tablecloth below the plastic protector.
Will lay flat in 7-14 days after unrolling. To speed up the process, roll the curved edges in the opposite direction and place object at the edge.
Odor will dissipate by itself after a few days.

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