Condition: New with backers in individual bags
MSRP: $12.00 Unit
FOB: Dallas, TX
Quantity: 217 Units
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Units
Asking Price Per Unit: $6.00 Unit / Make Offer!
Payment Methods Accepted: Credit Card, PayPal

Product Details: Selling this entire lot of enamel pins…
Bee Enamel Pin x 3
Antler Enamel Pin x 10
Black Cat Enamel Pin x 7
Flying Giraffe Enamel Pin x 8
Magical Glitter Unicorn Enamel Pin x 7
Pug Bee Enamel Pin x 9
Two Toed Sloth Enamel Pin x 10
Fluffy Dog Enamel Pin x 4
Hedgehog & Strawberry Enamel Pin x 8
Black Owl Enamel Pin x 11
Snowy Owl Enamel Pin x 2
Cold Brew Polar Bear Enamel Pin x 5
Hamster with Flower Enamel (grey) Pin x 5
Flat White Puppuccino Enamel Pin x 5
Pokey Cactus Enamel Pin x 10
Bubu the Guinea Pig Enamel Pin x 3
Popcorn Chicken Enamel Pin x 5
Fat Silver Tabby Cat Enamel Pin x 7
Coffee Addict Squirrel Enamel Pin x 3
Bubu the Guinea Pig with Succulent Enamel Pin x 8
Avacado Mama Enamel Pin x 9
Boba Panda Strawberry Enamel Pin x 6
Plump Kitty Enamel Pin x 9
Guinea Pig and Peach Enamel Pin x 5
Narwhal Octopus Ice Cream Enamel Pin x 5
Wolf Pack Enamel Pin x 10
Blueberry Muffin Enamel Pin x 6
Cocoa Bunny Enamel Pin x 5
Mousecaron Enamel Pin x 6
Ice Cream Sloth Enamel Pin x 7
Cold Brew Crew Enamel Pin x 5
Coffee Fox Enamel Pin x 6
When Pigs Fly Enamel Pin x 8

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