Details: 4 In 1 Foam Roller Kit & Muscle Roller Stick Massage Balls

HIGH DENSITY FOAM ROLLER, SPIKY BALL, MUSCLE ROLLER STICK and all these products come in a convenient CARRY BAG allowing you to take it all with you easily

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE. This form of massage that is used by fitness minded people, either before a workout to loosen up sore muscles and tight joints or after a workout to help with muscle recovery. All 3 apparatus that come in this kit allow you to carry this out easily with no fuss

MUSCLE REPAIR. Muscles need great blood flow to provide more nutrients to help repair and grow. Blood flow can be reduced post-workout due to trigger points and tight muscles and these tools will help reduce this tightness and promote better blood flow, also helping to reduce injuries

PAIN REDUCTION. There is nothing worse that struggling to move as your muscles are so tight and painful. Ultizen’s Premium Foam Roller Kit has all the tools to help you get going again and train harder

WARRANTY. Ultizen stands behind its products. We believe that we have one of the greatest products on the market and we will replace your product if there are any issues with the quality or workmanship of our products

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UPC: 703558631152
Condition: Brand new
MSRP: $59.99
FOB: Traverse City, MI
Quantity: 700 Units
Minimum Order Quantity: 300 Units
Asking Price Per Unit: Make Offer
Payment Methods Accepted: PayPal

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