Product Details: Lot of 13,000 LED bulbs. 4 different types of bulbs. These are all brand new and palletized. There are 11 pallets total. We can load your truck or deliver within 500 miles of 43420 and help arrange delivery. HIGH-QUALITY LIGHT SOURCE – High quality LED chips. Sustained brightness, no flicker, no dimming, no buzzing or noise. EASY INSTALLATION – Existing ballast needs to be removed and tube powered by one end. No hazardous glass or mercury like traditional fluorescent glass tubes. Energy Focus bulbs. Model #1 LEDFLT8-835-208-545F 3500K 2FT 8W 1120LM Frosted Ballast Bypass 154 cases 25 per case total of 3,850 bulbs Model #2 LEDFLT10-841-24-100C 3800-4500K 2FT 8W 800lm Clear Ballast Bypass 165 cases 24 per case total of 3,960 bulbs Model #3 LEDFLT8-850-311-IT3F 5000K 3FT 11W 1540lm Frosted Ballast Bypass 10 cases 25 per case total of 250 bulbs Model #4 LEDFLT8-835-313-545F 3500K 3FT 13W 1820lm Frosted Ballast Bypass 202 cases 25 per case total of 5,050 bulbs For more information please reach out to William Klaehn at Phone: 419-960-1953 or Email:

UPC: LEDFLT8-835-208-545F, LEDFLT10-841-24-100C, LEDFLT8-850-311-IT3F, LEDFLT8-835-313-545F
Condition: Brand New Unopened
MSRP: $4.00 / Unit
FOB: Fremont, OH
Quantity: 13,000 / Units
Minimum Order Quantity: 13,000 Units
Asking Price Per Unit: .60 Unit / Make Offer!
Payment Methods Accepted: Cash, Credit Card, Certified Check

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