ASIN: B09JQ2K959
UPC: 195893171903
Condition: Brand New
Asking Price: FREE DONATION – Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.
MSRP: $19.00
FOB: Corona, CA
Total Quantity: 466 Units
Minimum Order Quantity: 466 Units
Payment Methods Accepted: Zelle, Cashier’s Check

Product Description: This is a FREE DONATION – Buyer is only responsible for shipping costs and inventory is non returnable. Easy Street House Meat Defrost Trays are made of extra thick material for ultra fast defrosting. The 4 mm extra thickness of the meat defroster plate is a strong conductor of ambient heat compared to standard 2 mm trays that can easily warp. The 4 mm extra thickness is uniform throughout the tray, without thinned grooves and under channels that 6 mm trays usually have that thins out parts of the tray. It is made of food grade premium aluminum. The defroster plate transfers heat from the surrounding air to the food, resulting in faster natural defrosting compared to countertop defrosting that can cause the outside of the food to warm up to unsafe temperatures where bacteria can grow rapidly while the center is still frozen. Food grade silicone borders are raised to catch any liquid overflow and have corner legs. The defrost tray also comes with a drip pan for added level of protection when you have extra icy pieces of food. These defrost trays help you retain flavors and nutrients to meat, seafood, and produce. Keep natural flavors and nutrients using this food thawing tray instead of ruining your expensive food by soaking it in water to defrost which will cause it to become waterlogged, altering the taste and texture. The defrost tray has an easy to clean and non-stick tray surface. Ideal for individuals who want to save money and cook food at home without having to thaw food the night before.

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