UPC: 195893964970; 195893717118; 195893824496; 195893002542; 195893305728
Condition: New
MSRP: $25.99
FOB: Bluffdale, UT
Total Quantity: 330 Units
Minimum Order Quantity: 30 Units
Asking Price Per Unit: $10.00 / Make Offer!
Payment Methods Accepted: Venmo, Cash, Zelle

Product Details: Pampas Grass Gift Set 5 Colors Available. The pampas grass gift set is a simple and luxurious plant decoration that adds a modern touch to your house that will make you and your home feel more beautiful every day. Not only will this gift set make you feel this way but will bring your loved ones a sense of appreciation and gratitude as you gift them their Grass Haven gift set. We take into account each of our customer’s feedback and have designed this gift set based on our customer’s preferences to help you in gifting your loved ones a gift they will never forget!

There are a few simple steps on how to take care of your pampas grass:

1. Upon receiving your pampas gift set, remove the pampas from the box and leave pampas grass in the sun to fully stretch out. This typically takes 30+ minutes. You can also lightly blow dry on low to fully stretch out the reeds.

2. After your pampas grass has been fully stretched out you can place it back in the glass bottle and enjoy its calm and serene beauty.

Tips: To help your pampas last longer make sure you don’t get your pampas grass wet and don’t store in a dark place. Do not shake pampas grass or blow dry on high heat. Pampas grass reeds can fall off if not handled with care.

Each set of pampas grass arrangement includes 20 stems – 17 inch pampas grass, a glass bottle with a “sending love” sticker, ribbon, box, and care instructions card.

Available Quantities per color:
Natural – 80
White – 73
Black – 24
Beige – 65
Gray – 88
Total = 330


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