Condition: New
MSRP: $29.99
FOB: Las Vegas, NV
Total Quantity: 2800 Units
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Units
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Payment Methods Accepted: Credit Cards

🐶 Say GOODBYE TO BAD HABITS: Unique “Starry Nights” slow feeder snuffle mat for large dogs and small, prevents “scarf and barf” and provides stress and boredom relief through interactive puzzles for mental stimulation; With lick pad for soft treats.

😻 SUPPORT YOUR PET’S NATURAL BEHAVIOR: Sniffle mats for dogs encourage natural foraging skills and sniffing; Nose work is especially helpful for dogs with eye issues, blindness, or rescued strays and cats who find comfort in hunting their own food.

🐾 ENRICH TRAINING: Our durable snuffle mats provide dog puzzles for smart dogs who can be prone to mischief, engaging them in acceptable activity, making it a brilliant dog treat mat; Suction cup lick mat holds soft treats for training and grooming.

🌃 ENJOY THE LOOK: We’ve incorporated fine art into our world-class puppy play mat; 30.5″ x 26″ with grippy back and straps for securing to furniture; Easy fold and secure for storage; A must-have for home and ideal for travel with your boisterous pet.


♥ Unique and beautiful Vincent van Gogh “Starry Nights” Edition (nicer than a plain shaggy mat)
♥ Durable felt
♥ Machine washable
♥ Grippy back keeps from sliding
♥ Corner straps secure to furniture legs
♥ Other toys can be secured to straps to keep toys in one area
♥ Multi-purpose dog training aide
♥ Easy fold and go design for home and travel


★ Slow feeder instead of a bowl
★ Helps alleviate competitive eating and gulping food (“scarf and barf”)
★ Encourages natural foraging behavior
★ Eases anxiety
★ Prevents boredom
★ Helpful to pets with eye issues, as well as rescued strays that like to hunt for their food


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