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Product Description: Team Z Heavy Duty Heat Gun Kit with LCD Display (Only °C) – Includes 1800W Hot Air Gun, 4 Attachments & Temp Button Controller (100 °C to 600 °C) | Heat Gun Kit for Home Décor Projects & Crafting
EASY TO USE: Unlike others, our heat gun for the vinyl wrap is durable and easy to use. You can easily set temps from 100℃ to 600℃ with the click of a button and cool down with ten sec-delayed shut-offs. These features make the heat gun easy to use and handle. A perfect craft heat gun kit for DIYers or professionals!
HIGH-QUALITY: The heavy-duty candle heat gun is manufactured of heat-resistant plastic. It features a certified cable and a plug from UL USA & Canada, making it durable enough to withstand years of activity. Also, its overload protection feature will protect the gun from overheating even if you use it for hours. Whether you are an electrician, a car wrapper, or looking for a heater gun for your DIY projects, this ergonomic designed crafting heat gun is a perfect choice.
VERSATILE USAGE: Our high-quality shrink-wrap heat gun kit can serve many purposes. This versatile heat shrink gun can be used to thaw pipes, loosen screws, strip wallpaper, remove paint from furniture, and more. The three nozzle accessories will help direct an even layer of hot air no matter the type of surface.
COMPLETE PACKAGE: This shrink-wrap gun kit includes everything you need for your professional usage or DIY projects. It includes a fast-heating hot air gun, three nozzle accessories, a triangular scraper, and a temp button controller to help in crafting, PVC shrinking, phone repairing, paint stripping, and other heating purposes.
PERFECT GIFT: The premium quality heat gun kit can be a perfect gift for your loved ones that are quite fond of DIY projects. This versatile heat gun kit will help them get their hobbies, projects, or house renovations done right. Place your order with us now and surprise your DIYer friend with this thoughtful gift!

Seal, Strip, Shape, and More
Reduce frustration when it comes to crafts and home projects with a heat gun that won’t let you down. Take charge of your project with interchangeable nozzles, an innovative dual heating core, overload protection, 2-air volume settings, and endless possibilities. Plus, a delayed turn-off feature flushes hot air from your heat gun for 10 seconds to make sure your tool stays in peak condition after every use.

Adaptability for Every Day
We promise to get your projects done right with 3 precision nozzle attachments, 1 paint scraper, and a range of temperatures suitable for everything from artwork to big renovations.
LCD Digital Display
Harness the power of heat, Displayed in Celsius only, like never before with an easy-read screen and convenient temp-adjust keys. Every short press of the +/- button gives you a 10 degrees adjustment. Long press the +/- button for 3 seconds will set the Highest 1112℉/600°C and the Lowest 212℉/100°C temperature settings.

Blast Stubborn Adhesives
Peel wallpaper
Strip off paint
Remove stickers and labels
Scrape off sticky residue
Take bumper stickers off a car
Simplify Home Renovations
Bending pipe
Shrinking tubing
Loosening rusted screws
Lifting vinyl flooring
Upholster furniture
Fire-up Your Hobbies
Candle Making
Arts and crafts
Waxing skis, surf, and snowboards
Give wood an antique touch
Care for Your Car
Apply vinyl wrap
Seal window tint
Clear foggy headlights
Repair leather upholstery
Restore trim

Condition: New. (about 5 shipping box is dirty and wear off. Products is Brand new. Additional New shipping box is also in stock will come along with the order)

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