One of the biggest questions we encounter here at the blog is related to inventory sourcing, specifically “How do you find salvage food suppliers?” You can search online using the following terms:

Salvage food supplier
Salvage food wholesaler
Salvage grocery supplier
Salvage Grocery wholesaler
Banana box supplier
Banana box pallets
Banana box truckloads

The web is filled with brokers who are advertising loads of salvage food. It is hard to know who to buy from. Who is legit and who will honestly work for your second order.

Once you find a good source for salvage food be sure to nurture the business relationship. We list some of the top salvage food suppliers in our new guide How to Open a Salvage Food Grocery Store. Be sure to check it out as we have put a lot of research into this guide explaining many of the details needed to get your salvage food business started.