When the time comes to securing a location for your salvage food store there are several key issues to keep in mind. A location can make or break your business, so it is best to take your time when researching geographic locations, traffic and store size.

Location: Consider a store front that is already located in a high traffic location, such as strip malls and close to anchor stores. An anchor store is usually defined as the largest big chain store in any one given strip mall. It is advantages to locate your store in an area where people are already shopping thereby taking advantage of the established traffic flow. Do not be afraid of large grocery chains as far as competition, while you are reselling food…you are reselling food at drastically low prices!

Store Size: There are several issues when looking at store size including: retail floor merchandising space, backroom stock and processing areas and customer parking. You should not settle for cramped quarters! Look for a store front that is larger than what you will need; if you think you will need 2500 square feet to start, I recommend looking for a 3-4,000-foot store. Your operation will grow as you experience success; being locked into a lease and little wiggle room will prove to be a tremendous disadvantage to your business. Tack on at least an additional thousand square feet to what you think you will need to start, you can thank me later.

Parking: This is a huge issue to consider as you want ample parking for the many shoppers who will fill the aisles of your salvage food store. If there is not enough parking for potential shoppers your business will suffer. I speak from experience as a shopper myself; if there is not enough space or the parking lot is not easily accessible I am off to the next store. Make sure you have parking for those that are handicapped, and your new location is easily accessible to those with disabilities. It would be best to inspect potential locations for curbs, ramps and entrance- ways before signing a lease.

I have touched on three of the most important factors when choosing a location for your salvage food grocery business, but there are other areas to consider including receiving areas, bathrooms and current fixtures (lighting, telephone wiring and electrical).