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Supplier Review Database

If we’ve discussed a particular supplier within the Facebook group, you can now reference the conversation from our database. Review posts are color-coded for easy review – Red for negative purchase experience and Green for positive purchase experience. Over 300 Purchase Reviews have been logged into the database!

Golden Content

You may have missed informative posts within the PS101 Facebook group. No worries, we’ve collected a long list of educational posts for you to access and review at anytime. Find something of interest, click on the link, and be directed right to the post within the group!

Premium Member Resources

We’ve collected helpful links, articles, and websites to help keep you informed and connected to the industry.

Cooperative Purchasing

Within the PS101 Cooperative Purchase Member Directory, you can reach out to members who have expressed an interest in pooling capital to share inventory purchases. The directory makes it super easy to find members who are close to your specific geographic location.

PS101 Audio Messages

We’ve created a special section within the premium site that archives all audio messages from Rob Cyr, the founder of Product Sourcing 101. As a Premium Member, you’ll get access to every audio recording since group inception.

One-time access fee of $30 for multiple tools & resources