Opening A Salvage Food Store In Your Town

Ride the wave of the economy by appealing to those who are actively searching for ways to save money. Everyone must eat to sustain life, correct? Resell a product that is in demand right now: discounted salvage groceries.

It does not take a huge amount of money to open a salvage food grocery store, in fact a 2-3,000 square foot store can be started for about $25-$30,000.00.

Here are some initial steps to take to get a salvage food store stated in your city:

Research – Pick up the local phone book and see what your competition looks like. Visit other discount food stores and see how they operate. Be sure to check their stores hours, selection and quality. If there are no other salvage grocery stores in your town, maybe you could corner the market!

Find banana box food distributors – What does this mean? Well, salvage food is packed into banana boxes and resold on pallets! Search online for the terms: salvage food brokers, salvage food distributors, Salvage food wholesalers, banana box food etc. Get a list going of suppliers closest to your city. Call them up to check pricing and load availability.

Find a location – Look for a vacant store that offers plenty of room for your customers to freely maneuver shopping carts and provides enough backroom space to process incoming shipments of food. It is also important to have ample parking and being on a busy corner helps for traffic!

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