New Partnership Advertising Program

Please use the form to submit full details about your business. All information submitted will be used to create multiple web pages, banners, and text links. Should you have questions, please contact us or call 530-809-2208.

Your Product Sourcing 101 profile page will have a contact form that visitors will use to contact you directly. Form submissions will be automatically emailed to you by our server. Each lead generated will display the subject line Inquiry From PS101. Please follow up with each lead generated through our network.

Please put some thought into offering a purchase discount to the PS101 Community. Discounts encourage business and serve as a way to track sales from group exposure. Some examples would be:

  • A discount for initial purchase
  • Lower minimum order threshold for first purchase
  • A bonus for specific purchase levels (additional merchandise, discounted shipping, etc)

Company and Merchandise Photos

Please email photos of your business (exterior & warehouse photos), along with multiple sample photos of merchandise available. Photos will be used for landing page creation, as well as in group posts we create on your behalf.