Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation is a liquidation marketplace featuring customer returns, overstock, closeouts, shelf pulls and refurbished inventory from top brands and retailers. Our platform offers buyers the chance to secure high quality liquidation inventory for their resale business in a cost effective fashion with discounts up to 90% off retail prices. Inventory is available by the box, pallet or truckload in “buy now” and “auction” formats. Purchases can be made online or via private sale through our sales reps. We have over 10 years of experience in the liquidation industry.

PS101 Partner Since: 2018
Contact: George King
Phone: 305-399-4523
Address: 20200 W Dixie Highway Suite 1005, Aventura, FL 33180
Locations: Florida, Georgia, and Nevada
Payment Methods: Credit Cards. Wire
Categories Offered: General Merchandise, Home Goods, Tools, Automotive, Sporting Goods, Electronics, Lawn & Garden, Clothing & Apparel, Toys, Home Improvement

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Our Purchase Reviews
08/26/2019 Micaela Leinonen – Review of Direct Liquidation: Last winter in January we bought 6 pallets/33 lawnmowers and a trimmer through Direct Liquidation. Today we sold the last of those units! Happy dance going on right now! When we got the items, the driver of the truck that had left a message managed to not hang his phone up fast enough while cussing we were in a residential area. Yes, that’s not DL’s fault but being home by myself with 2 little kids knowing a delivery by an upset person was coming was unnerving. During unloading he managed to tip over and entire pallet off the pallet jack so that was fun to deal with. On to the actual companies review. Let me start with Jordan in this group, whom I assume is the assigned rep for DL, is great at communication and helping how ever he can! Their actual costumer service people at their business location not so much! Both calls and emails were frustrating. We inventoried the mowers and the manifest discrepancies were frustrating. There was double the amount of cheap basic no bag gas push mowers than stated and barely any self propelled that had been on the manifest. The trimmer was not in there but a wood splitter was. I’ll say in the log run they refunded us the retail difference I had broken down in an extremely detailed spreadsheet. Their claim website was frustrating and didn’t work multiple times. I emailed multiple times over months and also called. We do this part time and can’t sit on hold for hours or call back multiple times a day or even a week. I got told to talk to so many different people and just kept getting handed off. It got to the point that I got an email saying they couldn’t do a refund because it was past the number of days they allow refunds to happen. I screenshot emails and FB messages showing how many months this process had been going on. I called multiple times a week and eventually they processed it for me themselves because the website “would not because of the purchase date”. They had me fill out paperwork for a direct deposit because it couldn’t go back on the original credit card because it had been to long they stated. I faxed it 3 times and they kept saying they didn’t get it. I paid each time at the UPS store and drove all the way into the next town to fax it. They didn’t have a secure way for me to email my bank information so it had to be faxed. I called and they said they still didn’t get it! I finally called again a bit mad about the amount of time I had waisted dealing with this! Then out of no where they found one of the faxes from the weeks before! They refunded us the retail difference and we ended up barely breaking even, but thankful we did! I knew many of the items would be returns but many of the items pictured all taped up in boxes that looked like original packaging were horribly broken returns and not even in the correct UPC box. DL has labels on the mowers (most of them) and those labels didn’t even match the type of mower it was on. I expected 30% to be used for parts to fix others it was closer to 65% that were junk. That’s the risk you take, I get that. What we learned: We still have yet to find a company with accurate manifests. It may be the retail price listed that’s massively inflated which is why we always check our own before purchasing. It has also been that the items don’t remotely match up to the manifest or models are not remotely close! Bonus: I can now take carburetors totally apart and clean them, change out pull cords and fly wheels, remove rust, check for spark and more! All things that I’m glad I learned but I also learned I don’t really ever want to work on lawnmowers again unless it’s my own 😂 Based on our interactions with Jordan any company would be lucky to have him. He didn’t make us feel like we were being annoying and he said he would make it right! DL should really look at having Jordan train all their staff that may ever interact with another human!
01/29/2018 Micaela Leinonen – We bought 6 pallets of lawnmowers from and they arrived today! Yes our garage is totally full but these will move fast! We have yet to unwrap any. Direct Liquidate was easy to work with. Saia shipping left a message about dropping off the shipment and we could hear the man using some nice profanity in the background before he hung up that he was very mad he was delivering to a residential location. It felt very threatening because I am home with two little kids. The man that delivered it was nice enough but had an issue with one of the pallets tipping over because it was a bit off centered. We will post more about the product when we open it all.
01/23/2018 Christopher Nooney – I graduated from reselling pallets to purchasing truckloads. I used your group for insight into the industry. I appreciate all the information on the premium membership(Best money spent). It provided me contacts locally to start out small(pallet purchase). I purchased my first truckload from Direct Liquidation. I can’t thank them and Jordan. The product exceeded expectations. We turned it over in 36 hours. Now waiting on 2nd load to arrive. If anyone is looking for a truckload. Checkout Direct Liquidation. I have nothing but high praise for them and Jordan

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