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Kairos Wholesale provides affordable wholesale solutions for retailers, flea marketers, online retailers and eBayers. Whether you are a serious retailer, or someone looking for another avenue to make a little extra money; Kairos Wholesale is your one-stop-shop. We offer liquidations, overstocks, shelf pulls, closeouts, online returns, and much more. We can sell primarily by the truckload, but offer pallet specials every month. Let us help you build a profitable online business. We can also have extensive networks to help you source your own products out of India, Malaysia, China and abroad.

PS101 Partner Since: 2016
Contact: Ray Kairos
Phone: 512-550-3212
Address: 1337 W Kansas Ave., McPherson, KS 67460
Payment Methods: Cash, Credit Card, Wire
Categories Offered: General Merchandise, Toys, Clothing, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Food, Home Improvement, Outdoor, Automotive, Domestics

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Our Purchase Reviews
03/01/2019 Troy Braithwaite – Just bought a truckload of goods from Ray Kairos with Kairos Wholesale. It came as described and am a very happy with it. I will definitely buy more truckloads in the future.
12-10-2018 Jason Patterson – Review for Kairos Wholesale. Won one of their auctions. Great communication to get the shipping tsken care of. Jason was able to get the shipment out that same day and received it within 2 days. Excellent results and looking forward to continue business in the future.
08/31/2018 Jo Ann Zimmerman – PURCHASE REVIEW FOR KAIROS WHOLESALE About two weeks ago I made my second purchase from this company. Based on my first purchase, I expected a great experience, and I am happy to report that their customer service this time surpassed even my first transaction with them. To begin, the product I bought promised to be very profitable. However, because it was my biggest single inventory purchase (~$2600) so far, I was a little nervous. In fact, I probably would not have made such a big buy from any other supplier except one, but I felt confident doing so with Kairos. BONUS—Steve worked with me on freight cost and payment to help things go smoothly. Imagine my distress when the pallets arrived with about half the product significantly damaged. I was crushed, not unlike the boxes of baby wipes that filled my small home office, but when I reached out to Steve Gray, he assured me he would take care of it. And honestly, I was completely confident he would; I never felt panicky or overwhelmed. Although this was a huge deal for me, I am well aware it was a puny transaction for Steve and his company. Nonetheless, he treated me like a VIP customer, with the end result being that Kairos has already refunded me for the damaged goods while they pursue matters with the freight company. But wait—there’s more! While Steve was working on my refund, I DID start to get a little anxious about the piles and piles of damaged goods stacked high in my little office area. I reached out to another PS101 partner, Youness Chaibee, and explained my situation. I have done a lot of business with him over the past year or so, and he is very local to me. I asked if he might be able to find a buyer for the product. He responded THE SAME DAY that he had found someone and sent his driver to pick them up yesterday. So not only did I get reimbursed, I can see the floor again 😊 Huge props to both Steve and Youness for being great business partners, as well as Rob Cyr for the terrific resources his group provides. It really IS all about relationships. And Youness, I’m still waiting for more baby pics.

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