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Welcome to Via Trading, a leading force among wholesale liquidation companies in the country, carving a niche in customer returns and shelf pulls. Distinguished by our expansive inventory, the majority of our exclusive programs originate directly from esteemed Department Stores or Manufacturers. Our commitment to providing unparalleled variety and quality sets us apart.

At Via Trading, we offer a diverse range of merchandise available by the case, pallet, and truckload. What makes us unique is our widespread shipping network from multiple FOB points across the county. This ensures efficient and timely delivery to meet your business needs.

Our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA boasts an impressive 240,000+ sq. ft. warehouse, open to the public. Here, you can explore thousands of pallets at any given time, immersing yourself in a world of choices. But that’s not all – we also host weekly sales events, attracting over 5,000 walk-in visitors monthly. This not only speaks volumes about our extensive inventory but also showcases the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere at Via Trading.

Whether you’re a seasoned buyer or a first-time visitor, our warehouse in Los Angeles is a haven for those seeking quality merchandise at wholesale prices. The variety on display caters to diverse needs, ensuring that you find the perfect products for your business. Via Trading is not just a wholesale destination; it’s an experience, a hub of opportunities waiting to be explored. Join us and discover the thriving world of wholesale liquidation at its best.

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Contact: Mike Stambouli
Phone: 877-202-3616
Address: 2520 Industry Way, Lynnwood, CA 90262
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Payment Methods: ACH, Cash, Credit Cards, Money Orders, PayPal, Paper Check (once cleared), Wire
Categories: Clothing, Domestics, Electronics, Fashion Accessories, Furniture, General Merchandise, Handbags, HBA, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Liquidators, Seasonal Items, Shoes, Sports, Tools, Toys


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