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I bought the liquidators guide eBook, and wow I’m so happy I choose the right decision and glad that I came across the website. Rob & Renee are both amazing and they are very knowledgeable about the liquidation world. Thank you so much because I found a reliable wholesale source that related on my business. Camzi D

FYI, I just bought the product sourcing guide with bonus materials. The frugal in me has been thinking: “Well it is the 2019 guide, maybe just hold out for 2020” Welp, I am glad I did…. I’m just starting to review what is in here but I can tell you that all those questions I have regularly…. I can tell most have been answered. I’m not just kissing Rob’s butt here to curry favor. He has already gone above and beyond in my short time here getting me up to speed. All I can say is if you are like me, you should pull the trigger. That’s my .02.  Jeremy J

A wealth of great information; on top of great support from Renee and Rob in the FB group. Alan Alanswim

Liquidators Guide Reviews…

Since being included in the Liquidators Guide and becoming a partner of Product Sourcing 101 my revenues have increased almost 40% using just these tools. The combination of these two, the book and online marketing attracts quality, informed, experienced customers from ever sphere to my business, giving me exposure to big bulk buyers in the US and overseas that I never would have had.  My thanks to Rob and Renee. Jennifer Brookes / American Jen

New to group and I have purchased this. Great information and is worth every penny. I own a remodeling company and if someone would have written a book like this I would have made fewer mistakes. This will help eliminate a lot of mistakes. Like the book says you will still make some mistakes but fewer of them. I am already ahead of the game with the information in this book. Thanks Rob!! Chris G

Liquidators Guide Reviews…

So many of you yesterday were supportive after I wrote the last review. Thank you!! Many asked me questions about the business. How much I would love to chat all day I cant. So here is my next review. It is Rob’s special ASD show thumb drive. Which contains the Liquidators guide. Plus, all the yummy extras from the show and some freebies. These guides contain basically everything I self-learned over 20 years. I have never seen a more complete small business guide. This guide just about covers everything you would want to know about owning and operating a small business. Plus you get all the liquidation information all found in one easy to read place. It’s the best first step and investment you will make in your future business. Steve Jay

I want to say thanks to Rob Cyr, I recently purchased 2017 Liquidation Guide from PS101. There’s some really great information in this guide. I have been in the industry 1 1/2 years, but always looking for new leads to get closer to the source and improve my margins. This book has great content. I recommend it for people starting out all the way to those looking for new ideas with existing business models. I will be buying the Broker Guide next. Thanks again Rob Cyr. FYI I forgot to mention that some of the advice that is in this guide has led me to pay-dirt. I am currently working on a lead that Rob mentioned. The company and I are working through some red tape, but I am sure I will be carrying lots of this product. Kenneth Sheffield

Liquidators Guide Reviews…

OMG!!! I was up till the “wee hours” last night reading EVERYTHING on the USB drive. My eyeballs are hurting! I’m going to pace myself. So much great info. Thanks for this TRUE support group!!! Carla P

Just wanted to say thank you for making such valuable information available in your book. Been on a 2 week family vacation and I managed to take whatever free time I had to get through the book. I leave for home (NY) today and when back I plan on reading again to document notes and then begin my journey. I have a couple appointments to look at warehouse space but still undecided how I will begin selling. Online yes but also like the idea of pop up sale events. Cannot wait to pour myself into this when home and I just wanted to thank you again. Hopefully one day I will be offering sales on your page as I plan to be another one of the honest guys in the business. Good stuff Rob. Appreciate it all… F. Neglia

Liquidators Guide Reviews…

Hi, I’m new to the liquidation business. I found this group for purchasing the liquidation guide and it was the best business guide purchase I have made. I have ordered my first pallets from the group and received 16 pallets this week I’m waiting for 22 more pallets next week. Wish me luck. AE Fashionta

Just a short plug here one more time for Rob’s guide… I can’t say enough about how it kept me out of trouble when we were opening our first store. I did have someone come along and want to buy our store and they didn’t end up doing so but rather opened their own and did so in a huge rush. Now they are struggling like crazy and didn’t do their homework. I drove up to see them the other day to see how they were doing – no hours were posted on the door, no one was there at 4 o’clock on a Monday afternoon, and this is the sign that she has outside her store… Need I say more? Buy the manual and don’t forget to use spellcheck. Cathy Bannon Carden

👍 the guide is awesome! Highly recommend for any level of online seller! Michelle Brubaker

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Rob, I am totally blown away with what you are doing. I have bought and read your “Liquidator’s Guide” and “How to Broker Loads.” I have also just signed up for your website I can’t thank you enough. This is exactly what I want to do in my life now. Without you, I have no idea where I would have gotten all this info. For anyone just starting out in this business, I highly suggest you buy all of Rob’s info that he is selling. After I read through everything he’s written about, I thought about it and it all makes sense. I’m not just saying that and NO, Rob did not pay me to say that. I wish I had known where to get this info years ago. Dan Morris

Could not have built my dreams without it. It’s a wisely composed roadmap. I still have my original downloaded dog eared tattered copy for reference points. Cathy Bannon Carden

Hi everyone! For those who are knew I would like to say that the Liquidation Guide is worth every penny. There is so much information in there that you will not second guess your purchases. Thanks to Renee Cyr and Rob Cyr for putting out such a great resource. Stacie Missey

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Read this recently. It was good! Nic Bennett

Yes – get the book!! I consider myself experienced, I know how to sell on eBay – but this book is awesome with knowledge about sourcing. April Hovjacky

Yes, I love the guide too. It is a must for new and long time sellers! Jenny Miranda

This is a good book – i bought it, read it twice, and now trying to implement some of its components. recommended. Peni Pearson Moxim

Best book ever! Cathy Bannon Carden


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