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“OH YES best group hands down.”  Elsie M.

A wealth of great information; on top of great support from Renee and Rob in the FB group. Alan A.

“Been poking around for a bit. This is definitely one of the best run groups I’ve ever seen, regardless of category. Well done and thank you.” Alex A.

“Thank you for the intro and for running the group so well! I used to do liquidations a few years ago but got out of it when my regular job picked up. I’m looking forward to getting back into it sometime (hopefully soon) and making that more of a full-time opportunity. Thanks again and I’m enjoying seeing how much the game has changed in the past 8 or so years!” Nathan G.

“Hey, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for ALL you Do For this page & this community of re-sellers! I am no professional by any means BUT I am getting better! This page & Everything I learn DAILY from it is amazing! You are such great people who help so many with what I consider little to no recognition in my eyes Considering all that I’ve seen & watched you guys do right here on post! It is Noticed & watched & appreciated & I wanted to say Thank You!” Wayne J.

PS101 Group Reviews…

“As I sit at my desk at my FT job; at a company that worries where the money for payroll and to make vendor payments is coming from, I’m not stressed out. I know with this community (thanks Rob and Renee) and wealth of knowledge of the people on here I am learning to pave the way of creating my own company where soon- I will not have to rely on this companies’ income in the future.”  Stacey M.

“I want to say I joined this group several months ago and appreciate having a site where I trust the reviews of the wholesalers. More wholesalers should join this site because if they are honest, they will get plenty of business through the folks here. As for my business, online selling of anything, right now. But my plans are to cater to Security Safety and Survival. I was a Red Cross disaster relief volunteer for many years, as well as an instructor, so I know quite a bit about that.” Emily C.

PS101 Group Reviews…

“I joined this group right as it reached 1000. That was about a year ago. Of all the groups I have joined this one is the most valuable. The dedication by Rob and Renee speaks for itself. Well done!” Michael M.

“I had the unexpected chance to speak with Rob Cyr this afternoon. If you haven’t done already, you MUST sign up to have a chat. This man is very knowledgeable and has a lot of insight which is going to help us channel our business in the right direction. We got off the phone 30 minutes ago, and it’s taken me that long to type out all the information while it was still in my head and while I can still make sense of the notes I made. a big THANK YOU! I can’t wait to meet you at ASD.” Kathy F.

“Huge shoutout to Rob Cyr! I am so thankful he takes the time do consultation calls. I jumped into this business less than 6 months ago, so he answered a lot of newbie questions I still had. The conversation also confirmed a lot of the research I’ve been doing, and I am a lot more confident about where I’ll make future purchases.” Damien R.

PS101 Group Reviews…

“Just wanted to give a shout out to Rob Cyr and the admins of the PS101 group. Yesterday marked the delivery of a repeat order of our dot-com patio furniture to a member who I met in the group. Both sales involved a wire transfer made on a Monday with delivery as promised on Wednesday -just two days later!” Ryan K.

“I was a member of this group almost from the beginning when I was selling tools through eBay. Even though I was selling for many years, this site gave me a lot of new insights and also a good number of new sources that I have used since on many occasions. I decided to become a “partner” because I saw the great networking advantages that this group affords. The ability to advertise our products alone is worth the price we have paid. I’ve spoken to Rob many times on the phone, and you know what I got out of it, a friend. He truly cares about how my business is doing and tries his best to help make it grow. Thanks for all the work you and Renee do for your members.”  John M.

PS101 Group Reviews…

“Hey all you noobs! Those of us who fought through the last 4-10 or however many years spending thousands of dollars on trial and error to learn this business would have all KILLED to have an opportunity like this. I don’t know Rob personally, but I know what a resource like this is worth, and if he were charging $1,000 for this phone call, I’d tell you (as a veteran who spent thousands myself learning how this all works) to make the call and spend the money. BUT ITS FREE! I hope everyone on this page thinking about diving into this biz with their credit cards, savings, inheritance or whatever to take this man up on his offer. Not many people will take their valuable time (which equals money) to extend a hand like this. Thanks again for being one of the good guy’s Rob Cyr. Now please tell everyone that Tool and Hardware loads are huge losers, so I don’t have to fight anyone else for these loads. Seriously.” Daniel F

PS101 Group Reviews…

“I came across PS101ers late last night. I am so grateful for this site. In just a few short hours I have gained the knowledge that would cost 1000’s of dollars anywhere else. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with each member here. I have always believed there is enough customers for everyone, and nothing makes you feel better in life than to help someone else accomplish their dream as you climb the ladder with your own. Best Regards to all.” Dawn G.

“Finding this group is the best thing to happen to my business… I have been wanting to get into the pallet world for many years and doing my own research was just scaring me more and more… then I found this group and happy to say I am finally doing it… thank you Rob and Renee for being so amazing!!” Heather H.


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