Once you’ve established your Ebay store, you can just sit back and watch the sales roll in… right? Not quite. While you will almost certainly make a few sales just by listing items at a reasonable price, to really start making money you’ve got to draw in more customers, and running promotions is one of the best ways to do that. Below we cover some of the most common promotional techniques you can use to increase your sales.

Sales and Discounts. Perhaps the most obvious of the promotions, sellers are also the most leery of this one. After all, it results in you making less money… or so it may seem at first. If you sell one item at a $4 profit, or three items at a $3 profit, which way did you make more money? The second one, obviously. Lower prices draw in more customers, many of which are only shopping online in hopes of finding better deals than what they can find in stores. Some sales you may want to consider are:

  • Large order discounts, where customers can take off a dollar amount or percentage once they cross a certain threshold, such as 10% off orders over $50.
  • Coupons, which are codeless and offered through unique URLs via Ebay, allow you to target specific customers with promotions.
  • Shipping discounts allow you to offer free or discounted shipping on all orders, or orders over a certain amount.
  • Storewide sales, when you put your entire store on sale, can cause a huge boost to your overall profits for a short amount of time.

Images can draw in customers, and we’re not just talking about product images. Use your store billboard to highlight a selling theme your store is focusing on, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Back to School.

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with regular customers and let them know when you have new items in stock or are running a sale.

Ebay Promoted Listings ensure your products get in front of more eyes when customers are browsing a category or searching for something you sell.

Bundling items that are often together can increase sales, particularly impulse buys. For example, if you sell cell phone accessories, you could bundle together a cell phone case and a screen protector. This is sometimes done at a discounted price to further entice shoppers to splurge on a little more than they initially planned.

Social media is a valuable promotional tool that should not be neglected. Cultivate a following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all of which make it simple to let your customers know about new products or exciting sales.