Purchase Review Guidelines

Purchase Review Guidelines

Purchase Reviews are a very valuable part of what we do here at PS101 and we currently have over 300 reviews in our Premium Member database!

We welcome purchase reviews about ANY company, not just PS101 Partnering companies.

Positive or Negative tell us about your personal experience!

Negative reviews: we ask that you attempt resolution with the company before posting a review.

When posting a review please keep the following in mind…

1. Start a new post. Attempts to post negative reviews or comments about any company on other members posts will be deleted and in some cases members will be blocked from the group.

2. Stick to the facts of your personal experience with the company

3. Don’t use libel, threatening, provoking comments, or any comments meant to convince others not to purchase from a particular company. Allow readers to determine on their own weather or not to work with that company.

4. Include details such as what you purchased, how much, shipping costs, what your expectations were based on the offer, and your personal opinion of the transaction.

5. Be fair and professional! Always be professional in the group. That is one thing that sets us apart from other groups out there. We pride ourselves in this and our Partners appreciate being associated with PS101 for that reason.

**Please note:

Once your review is posted we close comments so that your post is not degraded by other peoples comments. If the company reaches out to us and would like to respond to your post, we will open comments for that purpose.

Negative reviews will only be posted during normal business hours to give companies opportunity to respond.

One final note: if you value the use of purchase reviews you may want to consider a Premium Membership so you can access hundreds of reviews in an easy to read format rather than scrolling the group. That is just one benefit of going premium. Here is a link to learn more about the benefits of Premium Membership – https://www.productsourcing101.com//membership-join/

If you have any questions about purchase reviews or any other group related activity, please PM a group admin.