Address: 56170 278th Avenue, Plainview, MN 55964
Phone: 507-251-3756
Links: Facebook
The following purchase reviews were published within the Product Sourcing 101 Facebook group. Please click on the date in each review if you would like to visit the original Facebook post.

02/02/2021 Jeffrey Kingery – This guy is amazing, and a trucker at heart! Met him at a truck stop cafe, and haven’t looked back since. His saying is “deals on wheels”
04/22/2020 Erica Anderson – Cannot say enough nice things about med city in Minnesota. Mike is so nice and easy to deal with!
09/28/2019 Shawn Moua – This is a review for Med-City Auctions. I’ve met Mike and Heidi a few times but never purchased from them because they were just too far away. Recently, we wanted to test out a pallet of drug-store products for our store so we went to him first. Although it wasn’t what we expected, no fault of his, we still made money and might even venture into that category again. Regardless, Mike keeps it humble, keeps you informed of the order and he will keep getting our business.
10/26/2018 Fuyei Xaykaothao – I’ve purchased many pallets from Mike and have never been disappointed! This is one A+ guy to work with.
10/14/2018 James Crider – Bought three pallets from Med-City Auctions in Plainview Minnesota last week. Could not be happier. I even made a 5-hour trip one way to save on shipping charges. Mike LaVigne was very helpful even tho not feeling well.. He let us look around without any pressure.. He doesn’t cherry pick no sales pitches no funny business beautiful family nice crew. An all-around pleasure. I contacted him earlier in the week and everything the man said was true..I’ll be going back as many times as my wallet allows..I highly recommend him…5 stars,,,
09/23/2018 Mike Kneeland – MedCity Pallets – Mike LaVigne : I’m still new by most standards though I’ve ordered a lot of pallets and still trying to find my faves. I could tell from initial contact Mike was going to be an instant fave. Anyone debating making the leap – anyone named Mike can be trusted! He’ll take the time to walk you through everything and go above and beyond. I ordered one Target (had to try one) and one Amazon. I’m still going through everything, but can see I will have no issues making $ – the pallets have that $ factor. Everyone wants the wow factor (which you will have) but it’s all about the $ not the show. They were on the truck same day I paid, shipping was low (I’ve been getting killed here being in ND) and they were delivered to me 2 days later. I already am talking about ordering 2 more and have delivered in Omaha to get a friend started with him. Order with complete confidence, if not – more for me. Clean product and you will make $. I’ve ordered from a lot of places and Mike will be right there when my final rankings come out. Thanks Mike and let’s get this next order to Omaha so I can be there to help unload it! I will be using Mike has established himself firmly into my short list/rotation.
06/15/2018 Erika Brown – A big thank you to Mike LaVigne at Med City Auctions – 4 pallets of HBA arrived today exactly as expected!
05/14/2018 Judy Albin [Video Review]  Well our pallet from Med-City Auctions (Mike Lavinge) finally came in. It took a few days to get here. Overall the pallet is great and we are satisfied.
03/21/2018 Tasha Rundall – Review for med-city… We recently purchased a couple pallets from Mike LaVigne. The items on the pallets are great quality, mike was great to deal with, and he answered all of my many many questions! Thanks Mike!
02/20/2018 Erika Brown – Just got in a pallet from Mike LaVigne of 🎯 products.. great pallet, very happy with the purchase and looking forward to the next! Mike has been extremely helpful, even sending video of the pallets I could choose from. Arrived in perfect condition and didn’t bring any of that Minnesota snow with it ⛄ Thanks again!
11/29/2017 Lilly Yang – Review for Mike with Med-City Auctions. I’ve communicated with Mike on numerous times on possibly purchasing pallets from him and he has been very responsive and prompt in answering my questions. I finally bought an apparel/shoe pallet. The items were described and 99% of them are NWT. I am very happy with my purchase. The price was a steal and will buy from Mike again. He is a very honest seller and cares about his customers. Thanks!
10/21/2017 Mark Magnuson – Another good review for Mike LaVigne from Med City Auctions – Went through a pallet from him today -very clean target – mostly shelf pulls – Thanks Mike!
10/02/2017 Mark Devens – Hey everyone! Haven’t posted on here a lot but I’d like to do a little review of one of my favorite companies on here, Med-City Auctions & Pallet liquidation. Mike and his small team are possibly one of the best groups of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with since I started selling merchandise. I’ve worked with at least 17 other companies in the US and not only have I had some of the greatest success with his unprocessed Wally World pallets, but everything is so seamless. No fuss, no waiting while he figures out price on the spot, just walk in, get your stuff and leave. I’ve been averaging 6-8 pallets a week lately from him and can’t say that about any other supplier. If you haven’t given unprocessed Wally World a try, you really should. I was hesitant and now it’s 80% of what I sell. Oh and if you’re interested in a great deal on a whole truckload, Mike is your guy! That’s my next step!
09/21/2017 Monica Miller – We got a small return lot from Med-City Auctions & Pallet liquidation and we did a unboxing of it on our YouTube channel. Hope this helps others out.
08/23/2017 Jake Timm – Just picked up a Bullseye from Mike LaVigne @med city tonight. Simply amazing all but one box was shelf pull toys. A rough estimate of 12.5% retail on this pallet. I will have exact percentages once I complete inventory. Pictures are just a small sample. If I had the room I’d definitely buy the remainder.
07/04/2017 Mary Kathryn Poretsky – Review for Med-City Auction. I bought my first pallet from Mike LaVigne about a year ago and have been buying from him ever since. I’ve purchased a variety of fairly priced pallets from him including Trgt, WM, Amz, Home Depot brands and more recently a load of kid’s battery powered power wheels. I’ve always done really well with the pallets that I have purchased from him. Mike is genuine and tells it like it is with the liquidation business. He has offered business guidance and is incredibly patient. When you buy from Mike; you have made a friend in the liquidation business. I know for sure today that if I need a pallet or several that will make money for me — I will always go to Med-City. It’s a solid two hundred mile round-trip for me and it’s still well worth the drive. I trust Mike. He’s a good man
06/23/2017 Drew Moore – I took advantage of the delivery that Mike LaVigne had and purchased a Wally World gaylord and Bullseye pallet along with some HBA items. I usually stay away from Wally World but wanted to give it a shot for the price and it ended up having better items than I expected. The bullseye pallet had alot of great items which ended up in my house instead of for resale but overall working with Mike was a great experience.
03/28/2017 Devin Amelia Gilbertson – My pallets from Mike LaVigne are working out fabulously! Sold about 1/4 and am in the black including freight. Find someone that you trust and go for it. Mike was super helpful. They were my first pallets
03/23/2017 Devin Amelia Gilbertson – I finally did it! First pallets arrived Friday around 1 and I had a sale on Sunday. I wanted to say thanks to everyone in this group. All the freight quotes and questions you answered. I appreciate it! These three pallets were TGT from Mike LaVigne. He knew it was my first pallet purchase and called me to make sure I knew what I was getting/signing up for and offered many words of wisdom. He sincerely cared and offered me advice on future pallets – even if they weren’t from him! There are no places like the liquidators on this page anywhere near me, so one pallet with freight made no sense financially. Three pallets for my first purchase was very overwhelming. here I am less than a week later, with almost 2/3 of the money made back and tons of amazing products to sell. About a 1/2 pallet was clothing once I consolidated – but it’s mostly kids so that’s easy! Couple pieces of furniture that are all sold. And about a pallet and a half of women’s fashion tall boots! Not kidding – all brand new, every size imaginable – probably 10 different styles. It could’ve been generic men’s athletic shoes but my lucky stars were shining. The ladies in my neighborhood are having fun. It couldn’t have been a better experience! And purses were there too! I have only tossed out 10-15 items but I expect that number to go up a little with a few of the odd sized clothes that will most likely end up at Goodwill. There were some consumables that I decided to keep and use at home. Thank you!
03/24/2017 Frankie Neglia – Just wanted to say as I am waiting on my 6 pallets that it has been a pleasure communicating with Mike LaVigne. Honest guy, honest prices and great communication. (No bullshit) this is the type of business I like to deal with. I will review once the pallets come in but I see us having a business relationship for a while. Thanks for the introduction PS 101!!!
03/11/2017 Jason Blanski – Just picked up 2 pallets from Mike LaVigne. Will post an update on products after we sort them out. 1 is a Target. [After Inspection] Looks like almost all the bullseye pallet was shelf pulls a few customer returns. Will post some pictures. Several boxes had ladies garments, slippers, tank tops and shorts. All very clean! The other pallets was heaters, humidifiers, cool mists, bathroom scales and some pedestal fans and a couple ceiling fans. This pallet appears to be mostly returns all in original packaging again very clean! Thank you Mike LaVigne, this was the 2nd time I got 2 pallets and would definitely recommend getting product from Mike at Med-City Auctions.
03/08/2017 Drew Moore – Going through a pallet of clothes and shoes received from Mike LaVigne and things look just as described. He was easy to work with throughout the process and accepts Behalf which is always a good thing for me.
02/23/2017 Mary Jo Nicklay – To be 100% honest, I’ve bought all my pallets through Mike LaVigne-Med City Auctions, they’ve all be GREAT PALLETS… really… but I buy pretty high numbers so what one might see as a crappy pallet, it evens out for me because I’ll but 5-6 at a time.
01/31/2017 Sandra Johnson Landwehr – After spending months lurking on these pages and researching product sources, I finally took the plunge and purchased 3 pallets of Target general merchandise from Mike LaVigne, of Med-City Pallet Liquidation. Overall, I am very pleased. I’ve found the majority of products to be in new, or like new, condition with very little salvage. I’m only half way into my treasure hunt, but I have no reason to think the remaining merchandise will be any different. Mike was extremely helpful to me along the way. He took the time to answer all my newbie questions, and even helped me pick the best pallets when it was time to purchase. But the thing about him that struck me most was his honesty. He actually directed me (and others) away from some pallets that had substandard merchandise. He said he would rather eat the cost. then pass it on to his customers. Now that’s integrity! It also showed me how much he truly cares about his customer’s success. When it’s time to replenish my merchandise, I’ll drive the 6 hour round trip to Mike’s warehouse because it’s worth it. In the future, I hope to be successful enough to order a semi load to come to me.
01/16/2017 Missy Marazzo – Wanted to give a shout out to Med-City Auctions & Pallet liquidation! I picked up some pallets a few days ago and have been more than happy with everything in them! I liked them so much, I drove down to his warehouse again the next day (3 hour drive one way for me!) We even found a stroller in one of the pallets that retails for $400!! Still finding lots of good stuff in the pallets! Mike LaVigne was awesome to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for another source for inventory! I seriously can not say enough good things! Thanks Mike!!
01/04/2017 Michelle Mayer Anderson – I’ve been buying from Mike for about three years. Latest lot was some Tar-Jay clothing and shoes, and I think of everything we (my son and I) pulled, it all had tags except 2 items out of 300 pieces. It’s selling steadily–everyone is familiar with ChinaMart and Tar-jay, so while it doesn’t go for big money, it’s generally reliably profitable. Good stuff, he’s a fair and honest guy. If you’re close, definitely check him out! He’s one of my regular sources. Like · Reply · 3 · January 2 at 5:45pm