Are you looking for wholesale salvage food? sometimes referred to as banana box groceries, large big box grocery stores liquidate food items for several reasons including nearing expiration, expired, nearing freshness dating, or simply because an item is not selling well. This stock can be purchased by the pallet containing banana boxes for a fraction of original wholesale cost.

Salvage food still retains value for consumers because even products nearing their freshness dating still taste good and are safe for consumption. In a consumer’s mind, the best benefit of purchasing salvage food is cost. Because salvage food can be purchased for pennies on the dollar, resellers can pass the tremendous savings on to consumers.

Scratch ‘n dent canned outlet stores buy truckloads of this salvage food from any number of distribution centers and grocery food brokers across the country. Pricing for salvage food varies based upon store origination but expect to pay about $13-$15 per banana box. Pallets typically contain 24 banana boxes of food, and a double-stacked 53-foot trailer will yield 1152 banana boxes. With some simple math applied, a full truckload will have an average cost of about $17,000.00. A double-stacked half trailer will have an average cost of about $9,000.00.

Are you thinking about starting a salvage food grocery store in your neighborhood? Salvage food retailing can be very lucrative because small resellers can now compete with the large retail chain grocery stores, selling the food they liquidated!