Once your salvage food store is open for business the trick will be making sure people come back and again to purchase. There are several ways to establish repeat business, but the best way is through social media efforts. Unless you live under a rock, most people are online chatting with friends through Facebook, which is an excellent way to keep people walking back through your door.

Creating a Facebook page for your salvage grocery store will give you an opportunity to reach out and connect with shoppers in your local city. Your Facebook page should offer information about your business including store hours, address and phone numbers. Once you have a Facebook page published offering business details it’s time to start connecting and marketing. Share your page with all your current friends on Facebook and encourage them to share your business link on their own wall.

Posting to your business wall should be done as often as you can, but make sure you are sharing relevant, worthwhile information. You can share news about your store including current sales or upcoming promotions. When you share on Facebook remember that you are trying to build a list of followers who want to view your content and links. Do not limit your Facebook postings to store specific information, in fact create a buzz by offering other information your customer might appreciate. Since the very essence of the retail salvage food business is about helping people save money, you could continue this idea showing people where they can find other products at deep discounts. Another great idea is sharing links to recipes online.