I probably don’t have to tell you that securing salvage groceries ongoing can be a problem. Truckloads of salvage groceries sell out very quickly, sometimes it may seem as though you pick up the phone to call your supplier only to find out they are sold out continuously.

Salvage food suppliers work with reclamation centers selling available stock, but you should know that loads are being advertised by dozens of salvage food brokers at any one time. As a store owner you must take re-ordering seriously anticipating the future needs of your customers. Without merchandise you have no sales. Many salvage food store operators will setup what is called standing orders with their suppliers. A standing order simply means you will take the next available load within a set price range on a consistent basis. You must make arrangements with your supplier and be ready to pay as loads become available. Most salvage food suppliers accept wire transfers for payment so expect to make regular trips to the bank to pay for your purchases.

It is essential to maintain a good working relationship with your supplier so be sure to keep channels of communication open.