Lesson 5: Using the supplier review database to source

Within the last two years the PS101 Facebook group has amassed hundreds of purchase reviews, but it’s difficult to find them using the search feature provided within the Facebook group.

As a premium member, the purchase review database is a powerful tool when researching new wholesale suppliers to purchase from. Read through all reviews carefully and take notes of comments made from each member about their particular experience. Notes s can then be placed within the supplier research Excel file download that was offered within Lesson 3: Locating Suppliers.

The database tracks the reviewers name, review date, and all review/comment details. The review also includes a link to the original thread within the PS101 Facebook group for reference or further commenting. To read the original review published within the group, click on the date found on each review.

Each purchase review is recorded within a shaded box: RED, negative comments left by a PS101 member, or GREEN, positive comments left by a PS101 member.

Use the review link to revisit the original review post within the group. You are free to comment below the review asking the review author if they have updated information or perhaps changed perspective about the company in question.

Please Note: companies and corresponding Facebook group posts are provided within the Supplier Review Database for research purposes only. Green color-coding within our directory does not in any way offer a 100% safe purchase experience; companies are color-coded to help quickly locate positive an negative reviews. Do not solely rely upon PS101 Facebook Group reviews to make a purchase decision. Perform due diligence by further investigating a purchase from a new supplier. I’ve preached for many years on the subject of secondary market goods (customer returns and shelf pulls), some pallets, loads, lots, and truckloads are better than others. A group review could have been a dialogue about “one of the good ones.” A PS101 Purchase Review does not necessarily mean a prospective supplier is good or bad, it’s just a review from the perspective of a buyer. Please make purchase decisions based upon your own research and common sense. Also, make sure to purchase the right type/category/condition of merchandise for specific resell channels.

Purchase reviews are added to the database by hand; if you discover a review within the Product Sourcing 101 Facebook group that has not been added to the database, please let us know about it. While we strive to record each and every review, we also know we may have missed a few, the group becomes very active at times.


“Once you get a [sales] rep, get to know him/her…..spend some time each week on the phone with them explaining your business model and which products/categories do and do not work for you….get to know them a bit on a personal level, know when their birthday is, what their favorite sports team is, etc. It might sound a bit crazy, but remember when you have a problem in this business, these are the people who can help you. Having a good relationship with your sales rep can completely change their attitude when you call them with a problem or need help…..In their mind it can go from “aww crap this guy/lady again” to “my buddy needs my help and I WANT to help them out” I see it all the time, trust me, it helps.”

Matt Crosby

PS101 Facebook Member

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