Use Technology to Maximize Flea Market Sales

When you can only sell two to three days per week, maximizing sales is critical to your business’s financial success. Thankfully, technology offers some easy ways to draw in and keep new customers, and keep loyal ones coming back for more.

Make Payments Simple –

How many times have you had to turn a customer away simply because they didn’t have cash? Every time this happens, you’re losing not only that immediate sale, but every dollar that customer might have spent at your booth in the future. Choosing one of the many mobile-enabled credit card readers available will enable your customers to purchase your items, even if they have run out of cash. Check out the terms and conditions available from services like PayPal Here or Square to find the option that will work best for your business.

Collect Emails –

Collecting customer emails allows you to let past customers know when you have restocked or received new inventory, or when you are running a sale or marking down clearance. Staying in contact helps turn past customers into future customers, as the promise of new selections and lower prices pulls them back in for more.

There are several ways to go about saving emails. You can make it a prerequisite to paying with a credit card. Some customers may not take kindly to having to give out their information to be able to pay, but others may appreciate that you are able to email them their receipt. Another option is having an opt-in for your store’s newsletter when your customers check out with a card. For those paying cash, consider having a sign-up sheet near the checkout register, and refer everyone who checks out to it, so they know they have the option to stay on top of new deals and offers from you.

Social Media –

In the same vein as staying connected via email, social media allows you to connect with current customers as well as those who may not have found your booth in person yet. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help new customers in your area find you, especially if you invest a little of your marketing budget in area-specific advertising.

Social media is a great way to stay on top of what your customers want. You are able to interact with them directly, by responding to tweets that mention your store, or by posting statuses asking what customers are looking for. Be aware that all online interactions should be professional and courteous — the very nature of social media makes it easy for a poor customer service interaction to go viral in mere hours.

Social media can allow you to connect not only to customers, but also to other local sellers, flea markets, and festival organizers. These industry contacts can prove invaluable when it comes to securing spots at short-term festivals or newly-opened venues, where a greater number of shoppers can have a direct impact on your store’s income.

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