Wholesale trade shows are a great way to discover new products, find better prices on items you sell, and create relationships with distributors and wholesalers that enable you to get the best deals to make the most profits. While there are many industry-specific shows, general shows like ASD Market Week allow you to see a wide range of products you might not otherwise come in contact with. Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your trade show experience.

Go in with a budget, and stick to it. It can be very easy to go over budget at a trade show as large as ASD — the amount of products can be overwhelming, and the minimum orders can tempt you into overspending. Keep your budget firmly in mind as you peruse the dealers’ wares, and keep a notebook and calculator or tablet with you to help you keep track of what you have spent, and what you have left.

Take your time. It can be tempting to jump on the first great deals you see, but be patient! ASD is featuring 2,600+ vendors, so there is quite a lot of products to look at, and it would be terrible to regret a purchase if you found something better two aisles over. Look at the map and take the time to visit every dealer with products that might interest you, then go back and snatch up the best deals.

Be flexible, and ask for flexibility in return. Almost every wholesaler will have a minimum order, shipping costs, and payment due dates to contend with. This may require you to do some flexible shopping — perhaps buying two items from Seller A to meet the minimum purchase price, even if Seller B had one of those items for a slightly better price. However, you can always ask vendors if they are willing to meet in the middle. For example, if you agree to meet their minimum purchase amount by adding to your order, they might be willing to knock off some of the shipping costs or give you more time to pay.

Network, network, network. Trade shows are not just about buying! If you see a product or vendor that looks promising but you cannot justify or afford the purchase right then, ask for a business card or bookmark the website in your smartphone. Trade shows are just as much about making connections for future purchases as they are about buying.

Just get out there and do it! ASD Market Week is coming up March 17th through the 21st in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 2,600 vendors in one place, there is no better time to come check out what this trade show can do for your business. Register now so you can enjoy the benefits of attending the largest wholesale merchandise trade show in the United States.

If attending in the next show, be sure to join the Product Sourcing 101 Meetup taking place on Sunday march 17th, from 6:00-8:30PM, within the Westgate Hotel & Resort. Further details about the group meetup will be provided at a later date. If you’re going to be in Vegas on 03/17/2019, be sure to submit an  RSVP because space is super limited!